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The Frederick Soddy Trust was established in 1957 under the terms set out in the Will of the chemist and Nobel Laureate, Professor Frederick Soddy FRS.

The Trust offers support to a group for study which includes human geography: the social, economic and cultural life of specific regions within the United Kingdom, Ireland or elsewhere in the world.  Apart from the one annual postgraduate grant through the Royal Geographical Society the Trust cannot provide grants to individuals.

Professor Frederick Soddy FRS

The study of the whole life of an area with an emphasis on human geography.

Applications for grants may be made for:

University Awards
  • One annual Postgraduate Award through the RGS: up to 6,000 for one individual

  • Special Research Projects for teams of two or more students

  • University Expedition Grants to groups where it is largely research involving current human geography.

School Awards & Competitions:

The Soddy School Fieldwork Awards for groups through the Geographical Association.

Expeditions and fieldwork

Where an expedition is largely research involving current human geography.
Grants for expeditions are NOT made to or for individuals. 

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