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Who can apply
For an expedition or field work application to gain the support of the Frederick Soddy Trust, it must:
1. comprise a group.  An expedition or fieldwork conducted by one person only is not acceptable
2. An object of the expedition must be to study "the whole life of an area" with a major emphasis on current human geography.  The Trust cannot support research into wild life or environments.
3. agree to submit a report (one electronic and one hard copy) within a year of the expedition's return to the Trust, acknowledging the support given by the Trust.   The RGS/IBG www.rgs.org/ provide detailed guidance on reports.

  • The expedition or fieldwork team can be of any size, normally greater than two, though on occasions the Trustees have supported a team of two.
  • Applications can be from schools, universities, relevant institutions, or from private team or expedition leaders.
  • Collaboration with the country to be visited is deemed important
  • The expedition should show that it has established contacts in the area of study in advance of applying for a grant.
  • Trustees are encouraged when the team comprises some members from the country to be visited.
  • Applicants should say whether they have applied to the Royal Geographical Society (IBG) for support.
  • Trustees would consider applications for grants for expeditions from countries outside the United Kingdom where they are carrying out fieldwork with a university from the United Kingdom, or where the project comes with a recommendation from a known British researcher or teacher.
See Recent Support for examples of successful applications.

How to apply
There is no formal application form.  However, the Trustees expect to receive an application which first and foremost explains how the project is relevant to the Frederick Soddy Trust.  The project's plan should reflect fully the status of the applicants and their project.  For example, in the case of an application from a university, the minimum details required are clearly defined objectives, the proposed methods of study, safety aspects, and a realistic, itemised budget, including the financial contributions being made by the members of the team.  A map or two are considered essential.  The Trustees are interested in the time actually to be spent in the field carrying out the project.  Helpful guidance can be obtained from the RGS application form:


Less detailed plans are required from schools, but the Trustees would expect the same aspects to be covered.

The information above is required only to assist the Trustees to determine the relative merits of applications received, and to assess their conformity to the Trust's charitable objects.  Grants usually range between 500 and 2,000.

Deadlines for applications:
18 January and 18 September
To apply, please write to info@soddy.org and send a hard copy to:

Professor Peter Wood, University College London, Pearson Building,
Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT


Page last updated: Friday October 20, 2017

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