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Grants to Expeditions and Fieldwork

The Trust has supported a huge number of expeditions and field work, not many of them being large projects.  However, in 1986 the Trust supported the Royal Geographical Society's major project in the Wahiba Sands of Oman.

 Here are some examples of those supported in recent years:

Oxford University: Community Roles and Statuses in Kyrgzstan
Cambridge University: Expedition to Tomsk Taiga, Siberia
Universities of Edinburgh and Durham: Ifakara
Oxford University: Oriental Tibet
Glasgow University: Ecuador
Brighton University: Expedition to Madagascar
Expedition Huaraz  - University of Edinburgh
Philippines  Expedition - University of Aberdeen
Kahua Expedition  - University of St Andrews  
Explore Serbia - Scouts
Tanzania Expedition - University of Glasgow
Papua Expedition
Oxford University Expedition to Khovsgol, Mongolia
King's College London: A research project Philippine Communities
University of Exeter / Falmouth, Climate change on Mongolian nomads
Bohunt School, Hampshire, Children's Geographies in Kyrgystan
Glasgow University to Trinidad
Oxford Brookes University to Sierra Leone

Schools Award Scheme with the Geographical Association

In recent years the Frederick Soddy Trust has provided the funds for the joint Schools Award Scheme with the Geographical Association  Successful applicants receiving grants of between 200 and 600 were made in March 2018:

  • Hilcrest Community School
  • Falinge Park High School
  • Denny High School
  • Elliott Hudson College
  • Fleckney Church Primary
  • Cockshut Hill School
  • Seven Kings School
  • Invergordon Academy
  • Manchester Creative and Media Academy
  • Temple Sowerby School
  • Whitley Park Primary & Nursery School
  • Morecombe Road School, Morecombe

Grants to Universities

The Trust has supported a range of written work from professional publications to typescripts.  One of the first projects to receive support was the late Professor Terry Coppock's An Agricultural Atlas of Scotland.  This was alongside support from the Carnegie, Leverhulme and MacRobert Trusts.

In the 1960s The Trust financed a Research Fellowship at the University of Sussex which was the beginning of a fruitful relationship between that University and the Trust.  Dr Barry Wood was the first to be awarded the Fellowship, carrying out a study of Crawley New Town.  Many followed him at Sussex, including Professor A J Fielding and Professor Fred Gray.  Dr Linda Merricks wrote the  biography of Soddy The World Made New: Frederick Soddy, Science, Politics, and Environment as a Frederick Soddy Research Fellow while she was at the University of Sussex.

In more recent times the Trust's support to a university has been in the form of a fixed grant to the project rather than an effort to cover the more variable and rising costs of a fellowship.  

Birkbeck College  In 2006 to 2008 the Trust supported a study of 'Slovene Studies' and sustainability, Solčavska 75 years after Stamp.

The Institute of Education  Cataloguing and indexing geography teaching and learning materials.

Portsmouth University.  Long-run Land Use Change in Britain 1869 to 2000.

The Post Graduate Award Scheme with the RGS / IBG

The Frederick Soddy Postgarduate Awards 2018 Daniel Robins, University of St Andrews: Voluntary immobility, place attachment & the geographical imagination. Working in Sao Paulo.
Lydia Gibson, University College London.  Anthropology: Saving the parrot, destroying the culture?  Working in the Caribbean.

The Frederick Soddy Postgarduate Awards 2017 Sarah Lester, University of Oxford: Voices in the Dark - Geographies of renewable energy policies in East African refugee settings.
Harry Hilser, Exeter University: Empathising with Nature - Connectedness and its relationship with conservation advocacy and behaviour in Indonesia.

The Frederick Soddy Postgraduate Award 2016  Aoife Bennett-Curry, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford, The Political Ecology of Oil Palm, People and Forest Conservation: Searching for a Balanced Approach to Development in the Peruvian Amazon; and to Agnese Marino, Anthropology Conflict and coexistence with large carnivores in the Northwest of Spain.

The Frederick Soddy Postgraduate Award 2015  Jeanna Loyer, Queen's University Belfast. Life & death in the Steppe: investigating the impacts of socio-economic, political and climatic change in the health of prehistoric pastoralists of the Volga region, Russia. 

The Frederick Soddy Postgraduate Award 2014  Sam Derbyshire: 'A history of Turkana Material Culture: Tracing Change & Facing the Future with the People of the Grey Bull',

The Frederick Soddy Postgraduate Award 2013  Yuri Boyanin, La Trobe University, Australia, 'Sedentary Nomads? Pastoralism, Nomadism, Settlement and Tribalism among the Kyrgyz of High Asia', and to Kate Porter, University of East Anglia, for 'Imagining climate control: the case of the 'Geoclique' and the 'Haida'.

The Frederick Soddy Postgraduate Award 2012  Michael Musgrave, University of St Andrews: The Zambezi Teak forests of western Zambia.

The Frederick Soddy Postgraduate Award 2011   Jointly to Konstantina Isidoros of the University of Oxford and to Daniel Keech of the University of Southampton.

The Frederick Soddy Postgraduate Award 2010.  Evelyn Landerer from the Scott Polar Research Institute.  She spent a year studying the Evenki people who walk and hunt in the forests of eastern Siberia.


Recent grants to Learned Societies and
Educational Trusts

The Royal Geographical Society (with the IBG)  has received two grants from the Trust.  One of these was to support, with a grant, brochures promoting careers in geography.  They are both on line and in hard copy, one brochure for 13-16 age range, and the other for 17-21 year olds.  The other was a grant towards a display, 'Lost Landscapes', in the Society's new pavilion.

The Geographical Association has received support from the Trust for two projects for schools.  The Association is greatly concerned about the variability of the standard of teaching geography in schools, especially of geography in primary schools.

The Geographical Association received support in the form of a grant to develop and trial a "Quality Mark" for primary geography.  This Quality Mark included criteria on teaching activities, learning activities, and curriculum contents.

The Geographical Association also received support of a grant for a project to produce a pocket pamphlet on "Geography from Square One" for those teachers who have had little training themselves in the subject.

Scotdec received a grant for the project Our Forest, Our Future, producing an online resource to help teachers and pupils explore the interdependence of people and forests and the vital role forests play in sustaining our environment.

ATLAS (Geography, Architecture and Change in an Independent World) received support from the Trust.  It offers some means of navigating present and near future challenges, and finds ways of describing and responding to humanitiy's state of ecological, economic and cultural interdependence.

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